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Web Banner Vector Graphic Design Services

Web Banner Vector Graphic Banner Design Services


webdesign vectorgraphicAre you looking for Web Banner Vector Graphic Design, illustrated banner designs for your webpage,digital marketing campaigns,seo,facebook posts we can help you

We provide all types of vector graphic,illustration web banners, web icon design service, digital marketing, face book banner posts services in bangalore and kerala.

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eazywalker vector graphic design

If you are  looking for Line arts for ur bloggs,or drawings for your blogs,character designs ,web icon for your writings and blogs we provide alltypes of line art and drawing services in bangalore

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We provide services in  wireframe creation and high quality mock up creation of website pages

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We provide all types of promotional and advertisement vedios  for  corporates and small business.  

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We provide services to  corporate websites, personals, independant bloggers, digital marketing campaigns, power point infographic presentations etc.

Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services in Bangalore

It’s essential that to write original content in a website to get a good ranking in search engine results. Knowing SEO tricks is an added advantage. That is, you have to include the keywords or key phrases with in the content, that talks about the organisation, product or service.The key word research illuminates ideas about the topic, and the key word addition will help customers to look for the content they are searching.

We have good content writers with immense experience in SEO Content writing. They deliberately and naturally include the keywords and phrases on your site. It should echo your brand’s identity.

What is SEO Content Writing?

Search Engine Optimization is a web publishing technique to increase webpage visibility and traffic. The more traffic and visibility to webpage means to get more readers and to get higher ranking in search engine result. Content writing for Search Engine Optimization need good writing skills.  The writer should concentrate to make the content interesting and informative to read, by strategically placing keywords and key phrases in the text.  The inclusion of hyperlinks, to the webpage, and from external sources, will also boost the readership. Keep the following steps in mind when you start SEO content writing.

Outline the Content

The content must be well written, informative and engaging the readers. You should present a new angle in it.  Give a good introduction, people will want to read on, and include information that is important to the readers. A good content helps to increase more traffic to the website.

Make a list of Keywords & Key phrases

Keywords and key phrases are words combination, which people would use to search for information on a specific thing. It is important to include in metadata of the webpage, which is part of the HTML code. Search Engine ‘Spiders’ (scripts that search engine send out to each page on internet) crawl across pages and sites and analyse them for content and quality of content. That means the ‘spider’ will easily goes to the Keywords and Key phrases which are already registered in search engines. It also detects how many times it’s being used, what type of inbound, outbound hyperlinks are in that page.

Write the Content

  • The content should be error free and grammatically correct
  • Give a title to the content
  • Separate content in short Paragraphs with sub heads
  • Use the main keywords and key phrases in the beginning of the content
  • Don’t use keywords or key phrases often. Recommended density is 1-3%
  • Try to include main Keyword and key phrase in title and subheads as bold or italics.

Include Hyperlinks in the Content

Links to outside webpage that is relevant to your topic are known as hyperlinks. You can add the web address as a link in a word or phrase in your content that you want to highlight. Make sure another webpage you are linking with yours is good one.

Build links to your Content

Though the article is great, we have to introduce it to the world. So, share a link of the content to social media and other link building websites


Digital Media Strategy

We make best Digital Media Strategy in Bangalore

Our consulting team works with entrepreneurs and small companies to make winning business strategies, improve operations, and deliver marketing & sales results for their digital businesses and initiatives – we help management reach the right decisions and make their company more valuable.

Every work has a plan of action, so that the work has to be done in a desired and correct manner. The role of digital media strategy is to find out the right path to transfer or say deliver the message to the targeted customers.

The basic intention of digital media strategy is not only procuring customers for their product but also placing a right message to the right people on the right time and the message should be persuasive and relevant. Eazy Walkers planners make the best digital media strategy in Bangalore, by keeping the budget always in mind.

We help start-ups, small business and individuals to craft realistic and inspirational corporate and business unit strategies. The strategies that focus on their position, efforts, future of the company, and also optimize revenue opportunity too.

To get the full picture we evaluate digital marketing performance on multiple dimensions.For that our specialist will create and implement analytic program. Its a four step process:

  1. Define website metrics and Develop a plan
  2. Data Collection
  3. Report Features & Capability Development
  4. Continuous Analysis & Implementation

Understanding every core elements of these allows a company to yield a Return On Investment (ROI). Successfully building a data plan depends on how we identifying specific tools or learning the way to interpret charts. Instead, it’s concerning making a culture that advocate data, making certain that key business choices are data-driven, and systematically finding ways in which to drive data deeper into the DNA of your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Service

Ours is the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore

Digital marketing is a systematic team effort, followed by a strategy.The best strategy that hits the target helps to grow the business. Eazy Walkers is a reliable digital marketing company based in Bangalore, committed to meet your company’s online business needs.

Eazy Walkers monitor things like what viewed in the site, for how long & how often, the sales conversion, what content is apt and what is doesn’t work etc. The consumers are now more aware of your company not only from what you say about your brand, but what the friends, relatives  and media says. They are much closer to them than you and believe what they are saying.

We offer a total digital marketing package includes the entire gamut. Our main strategies are:

• SEO(Search Engine Optimization)– Targeting customers from Organic search results.
• PPC(Pay Per Click Advertising) – Reaching the audience by paid advertisement on search engines.
• Display Advertising – Reaching the customers using various websites.
• Re-Marketing Advertisement– Targeting audience from prior website visitors
• Video Marketing – Target audience on video networks like YouTube, Daily Motion etc.
• Mobile Advertising- To target mobile, smart phone and Tab audience .
• SMM(Social Media Marketing)
• Email Marketing – To reach via email platforms.
• Affiliate Marketing– Marketing through affiliate networks
• Digital Analytics – Measuring the success and failure of overall campaign.

Each strategy is implemented with certain goals and proper measurement metrics are tracked to understand the outcome of the campaign. You know, it’s a game changer – give it some budget and time !

Web Design-Eazywalkers

Web design services

Know Web design services Kerala, Bangalore

Most of us are not that much aware of the role of a good website in business brand building. If you search in internet to know about Web design services Kerala | Bangalore then a number of unknown sites come in front. But, the locally grown up entrepreneurs always choose us because we know the culture of customers. Before selecting a service you should gain some basic knowledge about website building.

In the physical world the first impression always evolves from how it looks like.The colour combination, layout,user friendliness, simplicity etc. are some factors which makes a good website. Here in Eazy Walkers, we pay attention to customer behaviour, information architecture, competitive analysis, ethnocentric graphics, explicit brand strategies etc. for prior to Web Designing.

We use the best platform for Web designing, keeping Search Engine Optimization code as concern. It is important for us that the web designing should be clean and appealing. Screen crowded text and distracting graphics disturbs viewers. A clean design helps them to focus on the value of the brand and the content. Hence,it is vital to create a clean interactive design for positive user experience that encourages customers to return.

Web Designing-Eazywalkers

There are some things too to consider when developing a website;
1. Color schemes– The colours have the ability to evoke emotional responses. It is essential to consider the target audience, branding and elements of colour theory while designing a website.

2. Branding– Both large and small business branding is important. The viewer’s overall opinion comes from the placement of the brand’s logo and its design. Professionally designed logos is an added advantage to the brand’s unique voice and it successfully catches the customer’s eye.

3. Usability– To garner customer interest and encourage business the usability of the website should be easily accessible.If we displaying product/service information in a concise and clear manner then the usability can be increased. The blog, email news letter, contact information, social sharing like elements enacts further interaction with your brands. When optimizing the usability of the website these key elements are essential to review.

4. Short Loading Time- Customers can be switch to other due to slow loading time issue of your website.To  increase customer engagement and provide a positive experience, the designer should evaluate website’s loading time periodically. If your site deliver short load times the customers will get information quickly from it and helps your business too.

5.Tracking- For traditional and mobile websites, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools can be used to monitor Traffic, engagement and rates of conversion.These mechanisms accurately and efficiently calculate ROI (Return On Investment). By analysing  the data from the Tools, we can find out which marketing campaigns work best and which are not. These insights tells us why customers come, stay and leave your website. It also help us to build perfect marketing strategies and engagement tricks to maximize result.

Compatibility with multiple browsers, Mobile site Vs Responsive sites, good Functionality, Navigation and Back end Services, Comprehensive site map etc are also major concern in developing a Website.

Important Digital Marketing Trends 2016


Any marketer worth their salt will agree that digital marketing trends quickly change in the online world. If you’re not reading about your industry every day and staying up to date, then there’s a big chance you’re going to get left behind…

This changing landscape and market means your audience is not only growing with each technological advance, but is also becoming more and more reachable.

New digital marketing trends 2016, have been stirring up, but after initial experimentation by other people and companies, we can now analyze how effective these strategies have become.

By learning about and leveraging new marketing best practices, we hope that you can implement them into your own marketing efforts!

But with the possibility of being abandoned in a world of outdated internet processes, what can you do to keep on top of your internet marketing?

Our look at the latest trends in digital media and technology and how they will impact marketing this year

At the start of each year, there is always a lot of interest in predictions for the year ahead and the latest marketing trends.”What’s Hot?” and “What’s Next?” are always the most common questions when I give webinars and talks! As we near the end of the first month of 2016, and people look to the year ahead, the interest increases. Since it’s that time again, in this post and a series of others looking at customer lifecycle tactics, I’ll look at what I see as the latest trends in marketing which look set to continue into the rest of 2016.

What do you think will be single biggest trend in digital media and technology in 2016?

To inform my thinking on marketing innovation, I’m always interested to hear the view of “hands-on” marketers in businesses running digital marketing activities as to what they see as the most important trends and I’m grateful for readers input into research like that shared in our Managing Digital Marketing report which we will be updating later in the year.

In a poll launched in the Autumn I asked readers to give their views on which digital marketing techniques will matter most to their businesses in 2016. The question was:

Since we’re talking trends, I’m interested to hear your opinion on THE biggest trend in digital marketing as shown by what will make the most difference to your business (or your clients if you work for an agency or as a consultant), i.e. which digital marketing technique will give you the most uplift or incremental benefits?

This graph shows the results of our survey as of 8 February 2016. Our poll received over 1,500 answers, so thanks to all those who took part.

Digital Marketing activities with the greatest impact

Here, for your reference, is the full alphabetical break-down of activities which helps explain the results. For example, Big Data is surprisingly high, but this includes market insight and predictive analytics

  • Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics)
  • Content marketing
  • Communities (Branded niche or vertical communities)
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) / improving website experiences
  • Display (Banners on publishers, ad networks social media including retargeting and programmatic)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) marketing applications Marketing Automation (including CRM, behavioural Email marketing and web personalisation)
  • Mobile marketing (Mobile advertising, site development and apps)
  • Paid search marketing, e.g. Google AdWords Pay Per Click Online PR (including influencer outreach)
  • Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) S
  • Social media marketing including Social CRM and Social Customer Care
  • Wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, activity trackers, augmented reality)

Trends in consumer purchase behaviour

Following the views from marketers and businesses, changes in consumer use of digital media and technology is core to understanding trends in digital marketing. Today’s consumer buying decision is certainly getting more complex…

The increasing complexity of the purchase decision

We’re continuing to see consumer decision behaviour increase in complexity. This example of today’s complex consumer purchase behaviour from research analysts GfK shows the complexity of today’s customer journeys across multiple devices and through time, particularly for high involvement or high-value purchases, such as insurance in this instance.

Car Insurance Multichannel journey

The graphic shows how involved today’s purchase decision is. Over a 35 day period it averaged 9 visits to 5 different websites amounting to 34 minutes in total. The influence of online channels is clear with 82% of purchasers researching online against 4% using offline only.

Increasing mobile usage

This year we have also seen a continued strong growth in mobile use, shown clearly by Mary Meeker’s annual mobile trends round-up from earlier in the year. So, unsuprisingly, the use of mobile marketing will continue to be one of key trends to follow in 2016.

Digital Transformation: From ‘Digital Silos’ to Integrated teams

For some time, there has been increasing talk of a need for a ‘post-digital marketing world‘ marketing world where the use of digital media and technology in marketing has become so ubiquitous we no longer complete separate “digital marketing activities” since they should be fully integrated and simply part of marketing. This thinking is partly driven by changes in consumer media consumption where they continue to consume content in different formats without consciously thinking about which devices or channels. The ‘post-digital’ thinking is also driven by problems of managing marketing activities in a business where a common problem with upskilling in digital is that ‘digital silos’ are created where different parts of marketing and their agencies don’t communicate effectively giving rise to campaigns that don’t work across media.

For example, according to an interview with TFM, HSBC global head of marketing for commercial banking and global banking and markets, Amanda Rendle, has said she has banned the word ‘digital’ to encourage her team to think beyond organisational silos. Rendle says:

We need to go back to what marketing is, and the product is marketing. More people need to remember that, get off the drug of digital being something separate and get back to what we do best“.

She says the types of roles she is looking for might end up being called customer engineers or customer journey engineers. A key problem for HSBC, she says, is that it has an abundance of insights on customers but having staff to translate that into actions is a hindrance.

We need customer insight roles where their job is insight but it’s also about looking at what do those insights really mean? You have so much insight now but can you tell me what we need to do? How do you take all that and turn it into something really useful for our customer? That’s what we absolutely should be doing.”

Similarly Jeff Dodds, the Chief Executive of Tele 2 Netherlands since April 2014 and previously CMO for Virgin Media speaking to the CIM Catalyst magazine in Sept 2014 says:

To talk about digital as some kind of separate entity is to not understand it. Our lives ARE digital is not a thing, it is simply a more flexible, response and efficient way to do business.”

He continues,

There is too much talk about roles: digital job titles, digital strategies”. Digital is not something that needs a job title. This perpetuates the myth that it is a singular, siloed thing. I find some of the terminology that is used incredibly frustrating“.

Interesting. This certainly shows the way thinking should be heading in future, but it’s a long way from the reality for many businesses who are only just starting to get to adjust to digital marketing. In his article, A “Post Digital” World, Really?, Y&R Chairman and CEO David Sable makes the case that, far from being post-digital, we are only at the beginning of being digital, and that fresh ideas can be found everywhere.

When I talk to businesses and we ask businesses to rate their digital capabilities I find that many are an early stage of adopting digital marketing techniques. Results from our new interactive “Digital Marketing Benchmarking tool” which asks about the detail of what could and should be marketing, shows that many are still at level 1 or 2 on a 5 point maturity scale.

The way I see it, at early levels of adoption you have to make the commitment to transform marketing by setting goals for digital marketing, setting an integrated digital strategy and bringing in specialist digital marketing skills – through a combination of new hires for new roles, use of agencies and re-skilling existing marketers. New marketing processes are also needed which integrate digital to the heart of strategy, investment and marketing campaigns. Naturally this can’t happen overnight, particularly since changes in marketing technology are also needed to support the integration of digital marketing, so many businesses now have digital transformation programmes to support this.

Ultimately the aim in the mature organisations should be to reduce specialist digital skills and agencies as digital becomes integrated as part of marketing activities. Digital silos should shrink and specialist Digital marketing managers should reduce in number although I believe there will always be a need for a ‘Digital Centre of Excellence’ to evaluate the latest digital marketing trends, set standards, manage technology projects and complete advanced optimisation.

The rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist

Another trend within the management of marketing today is the shift in control of marketing technology from IT and Sales to Marketing. Selecting the most relevant Martech from the increasingly complex Marketing Technology landscape is a major challenge as we now literally have thousands of different cloud services vying to be part of the Marketing Stack.

The challenge of integrating digital and traditional marketing

Our latest research on Managing Digital Marketing in 2016 suggested progress as marketers move towards integrated planning of digital and traditional activities, but there is still plenty of room for improvement with only one-quarter of companies satisfied with their level of integration across digital and traditional communications and 5% fully integrated and optimised.’

assessment of integration of digital

The chart certainly shows this is a challenge which many businesses are trying to meet. The most detrimental factor to ‘integrated planning’ is the lack of planning, as many companies have separate traditional marketing and digital marketing teams who work independently when it comes to planning their marketing as Amanda Rendle refers to when she says:

“In many organisations where they are behind on digital what happens is they hire in someone to be a head of digital or ecommerce as separate functions.”

All of a sudden, that person hires a load of marketer/customer experience champions, so you end up with two marketing departments. For any organisation it’s huge waste of resource to have two teams doing the same thing. That’s the real danger

How do you see it – do we live in a “post-digital world” or do you think specific digital marketing skills and roles will be required.

To see more predictions from Smart Insights commentating on which marketing techniques you should pay attention to in 2016 see our compilation of Digital Marketing Trends for 2016. It covers social media, email marketing and search.

Article Courtesy Smart Insights