Search Engine Optimization

Most of you are familiar with the term SEO, for those who aren’t, let me put it this way – most of your consumers are looking for products & services to fulfill their needs, and a large majority of them do this is by looking it up online on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Using a systematic approach, businesses ensure that their website appears before any of their competitors in these searches, this is search engine optimization.


Why would you want SEO?

It’s not rocket science, a user will hardly ever scroll through the list of all the search results, and they almost never look at Page-2, so it’s in your best interests to appear in the first few search results to be noticed by potential customers. The more likely a customer is to click on your business, the more likely they are to convert, it’s simple math.


How do you do SEO?

We would be happy to say that SEO is an easy task that requires just a few tweaks and you’re all set, but the truth is, it’s a systematic and regular ritual that needs to be done on every single copy (basically all the content that exists between your business and your client) and has to be scrutinized, measured and adapted regularly to achieve the best results. Think of it as something you invest in, to get more leads and appear on more search results. It’s like being featured on the front-page news when customers are looking for you, now, isn’t that exaclty what you want!


How do you benefit?

To keep things simple, here’s an example:

Mohan & Sons is a company that sells furniture in & around Bangalore city, and they depend entirely on the word of mouth. After years in business, they hit a ceiling, when things just plateau and the business becomes stagnant. Now, we all know that a stagnant business is one close to doom. So, Mohan & Sons decide to shake things up a bit and leverage search engine optimization to help them land more leads. They create an awesome website, use the perfect copywriting and even start their own blog, talking about the all the things potential clients would be looking for online.


Now, here’s where things get interesting, all this digital work was SEO-focused, right from their website content (both text and images), their social media profiles and even their blog, all of these digital footprints were helping them rank better in search engine results. Now, whenever someone was looking for furniture online, they would see the amazing website of Mohan & Sons, and voila, a lot of them converted into customers. This is how SEO works, it’s an investment in your business, and it will give you returns for a long time to come!


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